Sunday, 25 September 2011

Spider web from yarn

I really like to make things from stuff I already have around the house wherever possible - so continuing the halloween theme since it's not long until the big day, I decided to make a spider web.  This is something the kids can get involved in too, although be warned - it does get a bit messy...

I have a big box of yarn but for some reason a lot of it is the kind that gets thicker and thinner.  I wanted to use a uniform yarn, so chose this ball which has oranges and yellows.

I covered a sheet of cardboard with clingfilm, and also got out my scissors, glue and a yoghurt pot for dipping the yarn.

I first cut three straight pieces, and began dipping and laying them out.  After dipping these three pieces, I discovered the yoghurt pot was way too fiddly, so poured the glue out onto a paper plate instead.  Make sure each piece of yarn is completey covered in glue, then lift it gently (try not to get it knotted, it's really hard to get knots out of a gluey piece!) and run your fingers down to get rid of excess glue - then lay it where you want it.

I would suggest cutting all your pieces before the glueing stage, I was cutting mine one at a time but there was an awful lot of hand washing in between!  Cut longer than you think you will need, the excess can be trimmed away once it's all dry.

I then started to drape the wavy pieces of the spider web - the end pieces can be put off to one side for later trimming, just make sure you keep the shape you want right to the edge.

When I thought I was finished, I set it out in the sunshine to dry - I had to secure the edges of the clingfilm with pegs as the breeze was blowing it over the glue.

At this point I decided it needed a bit more so I added 2 more straight pieces (one on either side at the widest points) and an extra little wavy piece close to the top.  Here it is with the extra pieces, and partially trimmed.

I left it to dry overnight then I carefully peeled it away from the plastic - it is still quite pliable but if you're gentle, it will keep it's shape.

Trim the ends as desired.  You will find that some dried glue remains (see below), this can be gottten rid of by snipping it off with scissors.

I had planned to paint this white initially, but actually I quite liked the way it looked - I know it may not be spooky, dark orange, but the colour still fits in with the autumn/halloween season...right?

I put it up on the mirror above my mantle, but it could look nice in the top of a doorway, or in a window.  I tucked the ends between the mirror and the frame, and put a tiny piece of white sticky tac on the back of every other joint to hold it in place.

Watch this space for a spider to go with the web!

Nikki x

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