Thursday, 29 September 2011

Papier Mache Handbag

While I am working on new crafts and tutorials for this blog, I thought I would share with you some other crafts I have made previously, starting with my papier mache purse / handbag!  I don't have tutorial photos for this older stuff as wasn't blogging in those days, but will try to explain as best I can...

A shot of the front

I started out by cutting two matching pieces from corrugated cardboard for the front and the back, then used thinner, cereal box card to make one large loop which became the bottom, sides and handle.  I made this loop slightly narrower at the handle and wider at the base.  Then I used masking tape to attach the loop to the front and back, and began to papier mache!

I use different recipes for papier mache, this one was made using slightly watered down white glue.

Here is a shot of the back

I used old newspapers for the first three layers, both inside and out.  When it came to the final layer, I cut out words and phrases from newspapers that I liked, and I added the phrase "It's a Woman Thing" over the top of the handle.


For the inside of the bag and the inside section of the handle, I ripped out small pieces of coloured newsprint from newspaper ads - I didn't want any text on the inside, just a patchwork of colour!

To finish off the outside, I cut (again from corrugated cardboard) a heart shape and a circle - the heart I papier mached the same as the interior with the patchwork of colour, the circle I cut out a newsprint star and finished it with that.

Once the bag, the heart and the circle were all dry, I finished them with 2 coats of white glue to seal it all - you could also use varnish for this.  I then poked two holes in the "buttons" and the bag, and sewed the buttons on to the front with yarn - I finished the stitching on the inside, then brushed over it with glue to make it extra strong.

This bag is strong and perfectly functional, although it doesn't close (and I wouldn't recommend taking it out in heavy rain!).  At present, I prefer to display it in my bedroom and it's great for popping bits and pieces into to keep them tidied away.

It's definitely a conversation piece if you take it out and about!

Nikki x

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