Friday, 7 October 2011

Spooky Spiders!

Some of you may remember I posted my yarn web last week, and now here are the spiders to match!

I know technically spiders are supposed to have one web each, but I couldn't resist making two! 

I took 2 of the large polystyrene balls (each about the size of a tennis ball) and one smaller one, which I cut in half with an exacto knife.

I scooped out a little of the insides of the two halves of the smaller ball, to make them fit a bit more snuggly against the big balls...

Then glued them to the big balls with hot glue.  I then used small pieces of torn kitchen paper and slightly watered down white glue to cover them both - I wanted to do this to hide the polystyrene, add a little bit of extra strength, and give a nice texture.  I find kitchen paper much easier to work with than newspaper on small items, especially those with curves.

While I left those overnight to dry, I took some plastic covered green garden wire, and cut 16 x 9 inch long sections - I wanted the legs to be about 8 inches long and added a little bit extra which would poke into the spider to attach it.

I wrapped them each in masking tape after straightening them out as best I could.

Once the bodies were dry, I began to attach the legs, I liked the look when they were all attached around where the body meets the head.  I poked them carefully into their position, then removed them one at a time and used a little spot of hot glue on the hole before popping them back in.  I twisted masking tape around another small piece of wire and cut it into 4 small sections for the mandibles, which were attached in the same way.

Not looking very scary at this point, but at least a little more like spiders and a little less like tiny snowmen!

Next was bending the legs into shape - the wire bends really easily and holds its shape - I bent each leg in 2 places (resulting in 3 "sections" per leg, if you know what I mean) I bent the 2 front pairs forward, and the 2 back pairs backwards.  Looking a bit more spider-like now!

Then it was on to the painting - it took only one coat of black craft paint with a few minor touch ups once dry - and finally I added 2 small jewel-like red eyes to each spider with a spot of white glue.

My web is on the mirror over my mantle, so that's where my spiders were destined for.  Unfortunately the only colour of sticky tac I had was white, so I tried to limit it to very small pieces - one on the end of each leg.  These spiders are so light weight, I'm hoping there will be no problems with them staying put!

The first has been positioned over the web at the top of the mirror...

And the second as though it is climbing from the mantle onto the mirror...

And here's a shot of my whole mantle with the spiders attached - you can also see here my Halloween Countdown Blocks, my Papier Mache Pumpkin, my Lunch Bag Pumpkin and of course my Yarn Spider Web.   I never claimed to be artistic when it came to arranging mantle's, I know it's a little busy and needs some reorganising..!

Nikki x

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  1. These are so cool! They turned out pretty real looking. And your whole mantle turned out great, not too busy at all.

    Thanks for linking this up to my Monster Mash Bash!

  2. Very cool! I will modify this a bit and use your spiders outside. They'll look great on my web made of video tape. Your mantle looks great!

  3. Thanks to you both! I must admit I am pleased with the way they turned out - and I think they would work great outdoors too!

  4. I love those spiders! Gonna have to give this one a try....

  5. Thanks Pixie! They are pretty easy to do, just allow for drying time for the kitchen paper layer - good luck!

  6. Those look so great next to your mirror! Thanks for linking up to my party!

  7. Love the spiders!! I was wondering what type of adhesive you used to attach to mirror? Thanks and Great Job!!

  8. Hi! I initially used sticky tack, a little on the end of each leg - however I found some of them kept coming loose. What I have now done is to use a little spot of hot glue on each of the legs that meet the mirror, and have stayed with the sticky tack for the legs touching the wall or mantle. I have heard that hot glue peels easily off of glass when the time comes to take them down - be warned though, I haven't tried it before so can't yet confirm if it's true!

  9. So fun!So sorry to be so late in getting to visit but I'm glad you chose to be a part of Seasonal Sundays this past week and hope you'll join me again this week.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. Clever and very thrify, who needs to spend loadsof money when makign them at home can be so fun.

  11. Looks all creepy, spooky and cool-have fun:@)

  12. Thanks! the kids think they are very spooky, lol! Shaheen, I love anything thrifty, I am very cheap - haha!

  13. Such a cute, I mean spooky, idea. Gotta try this!

  14. Thanks! I love the way they turned out - I'm sure I hear them moving about at night sometimes...;O)


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