Monday, 3 October 2011

Duct Tape handbags

Today I'd like to show you a couple of other handbags I made - from DUCT tape, no less!  I love these critters.

First up is the red and black number with a calla lily on the front - I love cala lillies and picked them for my bridal bouquet all those years ago (12 years this month!!)

The entire bag is made from duct tape, apart from the base which is cardboard covered with duct tape to give it some stength.

I made a template of the shape I wanted for a base, sides, front and back and then cut my pieces from duct tape "sheets" (made by me) - then taped them all together and made tape handles too.


I then made a similar sheet of green and white to make the lily petal and the leaf and cut them to shape, and a yellow stamen of rolled tape - I used hot glue to attach them to the bag.  And, voila!  It is lined with black duct tape.

The next one is what I like to call my "bacon 'n' eggs" bag!

Cut from the same template as the calla lily bag, this one I chose to make in a bright and cheery turquoise, and I cut out white friend egg shapes with yellow yolk centres and an extra white stripe to give them that glistenly look (the fried eggs are on each outer side apart from the base).

The handles were made from bright pink duct tape, and I hand cut wavy slivers of white to go on top, to make the handles look like bacon rashers.  Hungry, anyone?

I had such fun with these, especially the bacon 'n' egg one!  Amazing what you can do with a bit of tape!

Nikki x

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