Wednesday, 19 October 2011

BOO Halloween artwork


I had a bunch of cheap wooden frames from Michaels ($1 each) left over from a craft themed birthday party so decided to do some more halloween decor.  One of the frames had been partially painted by one of the kids, but no problem, this should be covered up with the black paint!

These frames didn't come with glass or even plastic, but they did each come with a piece of card in the gap - I ripped 3 pages from a book called "Spells, Charms and Talismans" which I thought was appropriately witchy and therefore good for halloween, and mod-podged each piece of card onto one of the pages.

After the two coats of black craft paint were dry...

I cut off the excess paper from the card...

And put the car back in the frames.

I toyed with a few ideas for the letters for BOO, including cutting out black felt and then making small white felt pumpkins to make the gaps in the B and the two Os, but discovered I used up all my black felt on my Halloween Countdown Blocks, so back to the drawing board!

In the end I decided I wanted to finish these super fast so I had a look online for free halloween fonts and found a good one where all the letters were made from bones, and adapted it a little (including adding some shading) - I drew them freehand using a fine tipped sharpie.

I like the way they turned out, you can still see the majority of the text as the letters have not been filled in.

I also like the fact that the letters are not too in-your-face BLACK black but a more subtle black, they almost feel like a part of the print.

These frames came with a little dowel each that can be inserted in the back to make them free standing, or they would look nice attached to some black ribbon and hung on the wall - mine are just set up on the mantle.

Nikki x

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  1. Really cute! Very inexpensive craft too. Great job:)

  2. So cute! Not sure if I could make the letters look as cute as yours. I might try printing on book pages. See what happens.

  3. Love it. Its cute and within my price range..I might adapt it for christmas...great idea!

  4. thanks! I think a Christmas variation would be great! And printing the letters is a good idea too!

  5. just the perfect touch for a lovely piece of halloween decor come see what I shared at

  6. I love the BOO frames...very cute! I found your blog through fireflies & jellybeans. I'm your newest follower. I'd love you to stop by my new blog & follow along too.

  7. That's so cute, but I wonder where you get a book about spells and charms? And how could you rip three pages off the book! ;)
    Buit the result is really convincing!

  8. thanks Sally, and thanks for following! I couldn't find your link but have liked you on Facebook in the meantime, and will check back tomorrow ;O)

    Jule - I used to be really interested in that kind of stuff, I have had the book for a while and I decided to use it for something pretty instead of it gathering dust on a shelf - I still have another couple of spell books, untouched!


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